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Managing the Return to the Office / Workplace

By June 15, 2021No Comments

Getting back into the office is a big change, I know whilst I am loving getting to meet more people in person I am also apprehensive about some aspects – like what to wear!!

I was thrilled to be asked by Niamh Hennessy Irish Examiner to contribute to her look at the return to work. She looks at lots of key areas including vaccines in the workplace (in my opinion its safest to assume no one has been vaccinated because its impossible to be sure either way).

Now is the time to plan for how we would like it to be, 2020 was a year of doing what had to be done – there will always be an element of that but we are having increased choices now. What kind of workplace would you like to have for 2022, that is the real question????

As always if you have any questions on how your organisation can manage the new work environment we would be happy to help.

Adjusting once again to another new normal (irishexaminer.com)

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